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Area 3T Extra Program Guidelines
Section 3, Area T
Effective April 1, 2011

The EXTRA program is a pilot program for U-10 through U-16 players (boys and girls) currently being offered in Area T of Section 3. This program is designed to provide options for players to play soccer at a more challenging level for those players who possess the desire and appropriate skills and abilities. These guidelines shall serve as the governing document for the EXTRA Program conducted in this Region/Area.

Because 14 Regions in Area 3T are participating in this program, the program is under the jurisdiction of the Area Director.
Each participating Area Director in a Section is responsible for overseeing/verifying that the National EXTRA program requirements are met as they pertain to player eligibility, coach eligibility, team formation, field support and Referee support by those Regions within their Area that elect to participate in the EXTRA program.

Each Regional Commissioner of a Region electing to participate in the EXTRA program is responsible for his/her Region's compliance with established player eligibility requirements. Player eligibility, as pertains to age requirements to participate in a specific gender/age bracket, is defined in the AYSO National Rules & Regulations.
In order to tryout for an EXTRA team, players must either be registered with AYSO or complete the Non-AYSO Registered Participant Form. There is no requirement that EXTRA players have previously played or registered as AYSO players. Players shall be selected through an evaluation and selection process described below. The AYSO National Office player database shall be the source of determining all players' current registration status, the creation of team rosters and ID cards.
Gender/age bracket placement of players shall be based on their age as of July 31 of the current registration year. EXTRA permits placement based on single year age increments. Divisions may be formed in single-year age brackets should there be sufficient teams to do so and with approval from the Section Director.
Placing/playing an ineligible player on a team may result in discipline being assessed against the player or coach as deemed appropriate by the Area Director.

Coaches participating in EXTRA should be of the excellent quality. At a minimum, EXTRA coaches (head or assistant) must:
• Have a current Volunteer Application on file at the National Support & Training Center;
• Be an AYSO trained and certified coach as specified in these Guidelines;
• Be Safe Haven certified;
• Be an active participant in the Region's standard primary program as an instructor, coach or Referee mentor, or other volunteer service the Region determines adequate to fulfill this requirement;
• Be in good standing with the Region, Area and/or Section and AYSO;
• Be approved by the Region board; and
• Be evaluated and renewed each membership year.
Coaches desiring to coach must have completed age specific training/certification levels as listed below:
U-10 and U-12—U-12 Coach
U-14—Intermediate Coach
U-16—Advanced Coach
It is strongly recommended that EXTRA program coaches be certified at least one level above the level they intend to coach (except as set forth above, U-10 coaches must be certified at the U-12 level). It is also strongly recommended that coaches have continuing education each year as designed by the Region or Area.
Those wanting to coach must fill in an application and submit it for approval. The Area EXTRA Coordinator will conduct a mandatory EXTRA coach meeting prior to the start of the EXTRA season which each coach assigned to an EXTRA team must attend.

Team rosters for teams participating in the EXTRA program must be received by the EXTRA Area Program Coordinator no later than one (1) calendar month prior to the start of the Extra season and shall include:
• Region and division identification
• The Coach and Assistant Coach names, addresses, home and cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses and current Coach Certification level.
• Team member AYSO ID numbers
• Player information: AYSO ID number, jersey number (subject to availability), name, address, phone number and birth date.
• Team number, uniform colors and team name (if available).
• Signature of the Regional Commissioner verifying players and coaches and confirming appropriate player registration and coach volunteer status, training and certification.
Revisions to rosters may occur when:
• A player drops from a team.
• The total amount of player drops, for whatever reason, lowers the number of permanent rostered players to less than the number of field players permitted in the division. At that point, the team will be allowed to add one (1) player. This player cannot be drafted from another AYSO team whose season is still in progress. The additional player must be approved by the Regional Commissioner and the Area Director.
Revised rosters must be submitted to the Area Extra Program Coordinator prior to the new team member participating in a game.
Regions shall prepare ID cards for each participating EXTRA player and for a maximum of two coaches per team from the eAYSO database. The ID cards shall bear the name, recent photo and AYSO ID# of the respective player or coach, and for coaches, their certification level as well as the signature of the Regional Commissioner. ID cards must be laminated.

Properly completed and laminated ID cards for all players and a maximum of two coaches and a team lineup card shall be presented to the Referee by each team prior to the start of each EXTRA program game.
Coaches must wear ID cards visibly on their person during all games. Cards may be clipped on jackets or shirts, or worn on neck lanyards. For each EXTRA program team, the coaches must have a team roster, ID cards and copies of AYSO Player Registration Forms (with Emergency Authorization) for each participating player as well as their own ID cards. These must be at all events (games, practices, scrimmages, parties etc.) in which the team participates.

Fields – Regions must provide an adequate number of fields. Fields/equipment needs to be age appropriate. Participating Regions are responsible for properly preparing all fields used. Field set-up and take down is the responsibility of the hosting Region
Officiating – Referees will be assigned to games in divisions for which they are certified based on their badge level, as follows:
U-10 – Basic
U-12/U14 – Intermediate
U-16 – Advanced
It is strongly recommended that EXTRA program referees be certified at least one level above the levels listed and that they have continuing education each year as designed by the Region.
All Referees participating shall obtain ID cards from their Regional Commissioner or Regional Referee Administrator that will bear their name, recent photo, AYSO ID#, current certification level and the signature of the Regional Commissioner or Regional Referee Administrator. ID cards must be laminated.
Regions must provide an adequate number of Referees who are certified as listed above for adequate coverage of EXTRA program games. Regional Commissioners are to attest to compliance with the Area staff's concurrence.
All EXTRA program games shall be officiated using the Diagonal System of Control, i.e. one Referee and two assistant Referees. The use of "club linesmen" is encouraged when an insufficient number of assistant Referees are available. Club linesman shall only call the ball in and out of play. The Dual (two-man) System of Control is not allowed.
Regional Referee Administrators shall assign "neutral" Referees of appropriate skill and ability to all EXTRA program games assigned to their region. Referees shall be a minimum of two years older than the oldest players in the division to which they have been assigned. If Youth Referees are assigned to any games, a field monitor should also be assigned.

The EXTRA Program is designed for the U-10 through U-16 age divisions. Each year, the EXTRA Program Coordinator shall inform the participating Regions of the divisions that will be available for the coming season. Teams must be formed according to the approved selection procedures.
The maximum number of players on a team must not exceed the numbers stated in the AYSO National Rules and Regulations, but it is recommended that the maximum size roster be used. The EXTRA program AYSO short sided games guidelines. Teams are not permitted to use more players on the field than provided by the guidelines.

Age Division Players per team
on field
Maximum no. of
team members
Minimum no. of
team members
U9/U10 7-a-side 10 7
U11/U12 9-a-side 12 9
U13/U14 11-a-side 15 12
U5/U16 11-a-side 18 12
U19 11-a-side 180 12

Guest players are not allowed in the EXTRA program.
At no time is inter-regional recruitment of players allowed without the prior approval of each of the Regional Commissioners and Area Director concerned. Recruitment without prior approval may result in sanctions by the Area Director, who shall convene as a disciplinary board in such instances.

All participants in a selection process must be registered with AYSO prior to the process or complete the Non-AYSO Registered Participant Form and pay the requisite tryout fee (a non-refundable fee of $5.00 per form must be submitted by the hosting AYSO entity). These forms should be made available for on-site participation of any player not registered in AYSO prior to arriving at the evaluation. All currently registered AYSO players in the gender/age bracket of the selection being conducted are eligible to participate.
All players must be newly selected each membership year. Teams will be reformed and balanced each membership year. It is possible that not all players who tryout will be selected to a team.
Each player who participates in the player selection process will be notified promptly after the final selection date whether he or she was selected to a team. Notification must first be given to those players who were not selected with the assurance they will be placed on a standard primary program team in the standard Region process.
Regions are encouraged to select as large a team as allowed by AYSO Rules and Regulations to ensure enough players and substitutes are available each game day as well as to eliminate the need for adding players at a later date.
Two to four (2-4) evaluation opportunities should be offered. All players will wear numbers for selections. Evaluations will be as blind as possible.
Evaluators are strongly encouraged to use a short-sided game format to evaluate players. Evaluators may also use additional skill tests that are age appropriate and in accordance with AYSO's coaching programs.
Impartial Advanced Coaches (at minimum) or those with higher level coaching licenses (or where not currently feasible an Intermediate Coach with prior approval of the Area Extra Program Coordinator) will conduct the evaluations that create raw scores. Regardless of coaching license held, a parent of a player trying out for and EXTRA program team may not participate as an evaluator for his/her child's age division.

The Regional Coach Administrator also should be involved in the EXTRA program selection process. No coach who will be coaching an EXTRA program team may participate in the selection process in the division in which they will be coaching. The EXTRA program coach should observe all players throughout all the selections
When all selections have been completed, the Region will calculate scores for all participants and establish a rank order of participants.
The selection committee will consist of the Regional Commissioner, the Region Coach Administrator, the Regional EXTRA Program Coordinator and any other designees by the Regional Commissioner, all who must be neutral participants.
Regions are to notify all players who tried out as to their status within 48 hours of the conclusion of the last evaluation and player selections determined. Notification to those players who are not selected must first be made.

All uniforms and equipment will be in accordance with AYSO National Rules and Regulations.
EXTRA program teams shall be provided with uniforms similar to those provided to other primary program teams. General Region funds are not to be expended for any additional player uniforms, warm-ups, backpacks, additional field usage needs, etc.
The Home team in a match is responsible for wearing uniform jerseys (or scrimmage vests) that clearly distinguish them from the other team. In case of color conflicts, the Home team is required to change uniform colors. The Referee is the final authority on the safety of any player's uniform and equipment.

Teams are NOT permitted to begin practice or engage in any training activity until all participating teams have been chosen within their Region and approved by the Regional Commissioner, but no sooner than August 1 of the new membership year. Only players on the official roster are permitted to participate in team training.

The game schedule and standings (where applicable) for the EXTRA program shall be posted on the Region and Area Web sites and Regions should have a link to the Area Web site.
All games shall be played as scheduled (date, time and venue). The home coach is responsible for contacting the visiting coach 72 hours prior to the scheduled start of the game to confirm time and location.
In cases of games cancelled by adverse weather conditions (rain, poor air quality or act of God), the Region or Area shall make all reasonable effort reschedule the game to be played either prior to the end of the pool play season or as soon after the end of pool play as can be arranged. The applicable Regional Commissioners will sign off on the use of fields and referees for these make up games. All game scores will be reported to the Region EXTRA Program Coordinator who will report them to the Area EXTRA Program Coordinator for statistics compilation and posting.
To allow flexibility in rescheduling games, the final standings will not be determined until after one week after the last regularly scheduled games have been completed. This will allow for an additional week and weekend as an opportunity to make up games previously cancelled. The final standings will take into consideration the number of games played.
No team will be allowed to secure a place in positions 1 – 4 in the season standings as a result of not playing a scheduled game due the conditions described above. In such case(s), the Area Director will reschedule the match.
If either of the teams is not ready to play at the scheduled kick-off time, the Referee may allow a grace period of up to ten (10) minutes before canceling the game. A team not ready to play at that time shall forfeit that game. If a team does not show for a scheduled game, their opponent will be awarded a 1- 0 victory by forfeit. The Area EXTRA Program Coordinator may impose other sanctions if the forfeiting team gains an advantage by the forfeit.
The coaches, substitutes and spectators of the two teams watch the match from opposite sides of the field of play unless the Referee gives permission for them to be on the same side, in which case they will remain on opposite ends of the field, outside the coach technical area. Home teams shall have the choice as to side of field. Teams and spectators will only be allowed in areas approved by the Referee.
Coaches are responsible for reporting game scores to the Area EXTRA Program Coordinator via the online Quickbase System or to their Regional EXTRA Program Coordinator who will enter the results into the online Quickbase System. The Referee is responsible for reporting all misconduct, including the cautions or send-off of players, coaches, or spectators or any other area of concern including unsafe conditions etc. to the Misconduct Reporting email address within twenty-four (24) hours of the game. The Misconduct Reporting System will make appropriate distribution of the Misconduct Report.
If the Referee terminates a game before completion because of actions by players, coaches and/ or spectators, the outcome of the game will be determined by the administration of the program.
If the game termination is due to actions by both teams, or if it is undetermined, the game shall be deemed a forfeit by both teams, and no points shall be recorded in the standings.
If a game is suspended prior to completion due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, the game score will stand as recorded by the Referee, provided one half or more of the regulation game time had been played at the time of suspension.
If less than one-half of the regulation game time had been played at the time of the game suspension, the game will be rescheduled and played in its entirety at a later date and time. If the game is not rescheduled for any reason, the game shall stand as a NOT–PLAYED game, irrespective of the score at the time of game suspension.

The format of play and determination of standings shall be based on the number of teams participating in a specific gender/age bracket and may include average points per game as a method of determining standings for brackets with an uneven number of teams and/or games played.
For standings in primary program pool games, points shall be awarded as follows:
a. Win 3 points
b. Tie 1 point
c. Loss 0 points
Tie breakers for standings at the conclusion of pool play shall be as follows:
a. Head to Head play (outcome of the game involving the tied teams).
b. Team with the lowest number of goals against.
c. Goal Differential: goals scored, less goals allowed, maximum differential of three (3) goals per game.
d. Team with highest number of goals scored, maximum of three (3) goals per game (counting no more than three goals more than their opponents in any game).
e. Lowest point deductions for misconducts and send-offs.
f. Card draw.

U-10, U-12 and U-14 games shall have a substitution opportunity midway through each half, at half time and in the event of injury. The half time break will be five (5) minutes.

It is the responsibility of the Referee in EXTRA program games to submit a written Misconduct Report to the Area EXTRA Program Coordinator within 24 hours after the conclusion of the game at which the offence occurred.
The Referee must also report any behavior by coaches and/or spectators on or off the field that seriously interferes with the game and/or proper standards of conduct.
The penalty for a player, coach and/or spectator sent-off (Red Card) from the field for any reason in an EXTRA program game shall be a minimum one (1) game suspension. Such suspension shall be served in the first league game (not scrimmage) that is played following the game of the incident. The suspension for violent conduct or serious foul play shall be a minimum of two (2) games and the length of any suspension may be increased and other disciplinary measures applied if deemed warranted by the Area Director in conjunction with the Area EXTRA Program Coordinator.
If the player sent off is a minor (under 18 years of age), he/she must leave the field in the company of his/her parent(s) or guardian(s). Otherwise, the player may remain in the proximity of the field, under adult supervision by the coach or a Safe Haven certified adult.
Should violators of the penalties set forth in this section refuse to immediately leave the field when requested to do so by the Referee, the game shall be suspended until the situation has been resolved. If it is not resolved, in what the Referee considers a reasonable amount of time, the game shall be terminated and the incident reported to the Area EXTRA Program Coordinator.
A player serving a suspension and not in uniform may attend the team's next scheduled game as a spectator, but may not participate in any manner.
An adult serving a suspension may not be present at the game (including pre and post game activities) or participate in any manner.
In the event a suspended player or coach participates in a match for which he/she has been suspended, the game shall be recorded as a forfeit in favor of the opposing team. For each such event, the original suspension must be served at the next game played by the team, an additional one game suspension must be served at the following game, and the coach of such team must serve a one game suspension.
Send-Off's (Red Cards) and/or Cautions (Yellow Cards) given in EXTRA games are not subject to appeal.
The Area EXTRA Program Coordinator, the Area Director, with the assistance of the Area Referee Administrator(s) and the Area Coach Administrator(s), together with the respective
Regional Commissioners, shall review all inter-regional disciplinary issues not resolved at the regional level. Any disciplinary action taken must be communicated within 96 hrs of the game in which the incident occurred. Disciplinary hearings may be called if deemed necessary by the Area Director, or if requested in writing.
The Area EXTRA Program Coordinator will publish a weekly Misconduct Report Summary – distribution to the Area Director(s), Area/Region Referee Administrators, Region EXTRA Program Coordinators and Regional Commissioners. This report will list all cautions, send offs and information on other reports submitted by Referees and shall also list those suspensions that are to be served (by age division, player name, coach name, date and location).